Solar PV Benefits - Solar Loan Option

Benefits of Solar Loan Option

• Spread the costs

• Over £1,000 per year income and savings for 25 years

• £200 / month (2,400 / per year) costs for 5 years only

A loan can be an effective way of spreading the cost of your solar roof. Usually your annual payments for the solar will be higher than those with a mortgage, but you will normally pay off the loan quicker than a mortgage and then benefit from the full income and savings from your solar for the remainder of the feed-in tariff.

Here's an example:

You take out a five year loan to pay for a typical 4.0kWp solar electric system costing £9,000:

• The loan is on a fixed rate of 8%
• Your annual repayments will be about £2,400.

• This is likely to be more than the money you'll make from the FIT and energy savings in these first five years.

• But once you've paid off the loan you get the full benefit of the £1,000 per year Feed-in Tariff income and electricity savings for another 20 years.

• In total this leads to £14,400 profit (this is the income and savings minus the cost of the system and loan interest) over the 25 years, equivalent to a 9% return or 11 year payback. This is a minimum and likely to increase because of the index linked feed in tariffs.

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