Solar PV Benefits - Mortgage Increase Option

Benefits of Buy Mortgage Increase Option

• No upfront payment

• £88 per month (over £1000 / year) income and savings

• £50 per month (£600 / year) added to your mortgage

If you don't want to buy your solar roof outright, one option is to add the cost to your mortgage. Remortgaging or getting a further advance is a popular way to pay for other home improvements, so why not use it to make you money in the longer term?

The income and savings you get from your solar roof are likely to be more than the additional payments on your mortgage. This is the lowest cost route to financing your solar, likely to leave you in profit each year.
If you're interested in adding the cost of solar to your mortgage, contact your existing mortgage provider to see what rate they can offer.

Here's an example:

You're on a 25 year repayment mortgage for £250,000, on a fixed rate of 4%

• Your existing repayments will be about £1,300 a month, £16,000 per year.

• You add a typical 16 panel (4.0kWp) solar roof costing £9,000 to this mortgage.

• Your repayments will increase by £50 per month, £600 per year, to £16,600.

• You are likely to make over £1,000 each year from the Feed-in tariff income and electricity savings.

• This leaves you over £400 per year in profit on your solar investment, without spending any money upfront.

• Assuming electricity prices increase at their current rate of 6%, your monthly savings will increase.

• As the feed in tariffs are linked to the Retail Price Index, your income is also likely to increase beyond the figures above. Assuming 2% inflation annually for 25 years, your total profit could increase to £18,000 (this is the income and savings minus the cost of the system and mortgage interest).

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Buy Outright Increase Mortgage Solar Loan
buy outright option Increase yor Mortgage Get a Solar Loan

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