Solar PV Benefits - Buy Outright Option

Benefits of Buy Outright Option

• 11% return

• Over £1,000 per year income and savings

• £9,000 typical cost

The simplest way to buy a solar roof is to buy it outright. With income from the Feed-in Tariff (FIT) this is now a superb investment as well as a way to reduce energy bills and cut carbon.

The overall return on investment is around 11%, which compares favourably with traditional savings. Income from the FIT is tax free, and the solar roof is likely to add value to your property.

If you don't have the capital available or would rather spread your costs, you can finance your solar system through a mortgage increase or personal loan. Both options make the purchase more flexible and, hopefully, more affordable.

Here's an example:

You install a 16 panel, 4.0kWp solar roof at 30 degree pitch, on an unshaded, south-facing roof in Southern UK:

• The cost is typically around £9,000

• You receive an annual income of £760 from the Feed-in Tariff (FIT)

• You save £252 on your electricity bills, assuming you consume 50% of the solar electricity

• You receive a further £56 in export payments

• This totals £1068 of income and savings in your first year

• Assuming electricity prices increase at their current rate of 6%, your annual income and savings will increase too.

• Over 25 years your profit totals £17,700 in this example (this is the income and savings minus the cost of the system).

• This is equivalent to an 11.4% return, or 9 year payback.

Buy Outright Increase Mortgage Solar Loan
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